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The MICE Service Group is the leading conference group in Europe. From concepting to execution, from financial service to Strategic MICE management, the team of the MICE Service Group is able to turn your conference into a premium event.

The MICE Service Group runs offices in Berlin, Germany, Salzburg in Austria and Zurich, Switzerland.

One-Stopp-Shopping for the client: The MICE Service Group is taking care of all levels of running a perfect conference.

The team of the MICE Service Group is happy to assist in:

- Conceptional work
- Evaluation for the right location
- Hotelreservation for your guests
- Professionell Guest-Management
- Table plans and decoration
- Check-In
- Innovative brochures and invitations
- Preparing the script
- The right technical equipment for your conference
- Ballroom and Conferencehall planning and seating plan
- Operational execution
- Finance & payment service

When you are interested in getting more information about the services of the MICE Service Group, please do not hesitate to contact the team via webpage or phone.

We are looking forward to talking to you.